Boston’s Squash Showdown at Symphony 2013 Egypt v England Champions Challenge format ensures an action-packed experience as the four World No. 1s battle it out in a fast paced challenge match featuring shortened game scoring and shootout tiebreakers. All players will compete twice in matches to 2 games with the winner of the first game having the choice to elect a one 1- or three 3-point tiebreaker if the match is tied 1 - 1 in games. Join us for incredible Squash at Boston’s Symphony Hall!

2013 Boston Squash Showdown at Symphony Schedule

Symphony Hall, Boston: Saturday, September 7

6:00pm        VIP Reception

6:45pm        Doors Open

7:15pm        Matches 1&2

8:30pm        Intermission

8:45pm        Matches 3&4

9:45pm        Awards and Conclusion

Squash Showdown at Boston’s Symphony Hall brings 4 of the world’s best Squash players together for an unforgettable evening of entertainment, September 7, 2013.